Tuesday, July 21, 2009

There is just something about Roosters

Well, it's been awhile- but we've been busy here at PGDG- 
It's vacation time, so everybody wears a lot of hats and since some fit better than others,  I have been struggling a bit and staying busy. 
So, I thought I'd just post this rooster art that I did after we returned from Key West, a couple of months ago. Key West is covered with roosters and this one was so accommodating, I must have taken six pictures, before he strutted off, but not before giving me his best side and his trademark one-foot stance. 
When in doubt go for the archives-

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Evil Taxman

Thought I'd share the latest character from the graphic novel, I really enjoyed casting this one- My veterinarian graciously allowed me to shoot some reference shots while he was doing his annual family house call-

I was stumped on the character until I had to take one of the cats in to the clinic- I had the "aha" moment then, but it took awhile for me to gather up the courage to ask him to do it-

He was perfect- and not the least bit evil-

What do you guys think? Does he need a feather quill pen under that top thumb to break up the white space, or should I leave it as is?


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Handsome Grampa

I've been serious and arty- now it's time to show my true self- this is as goofy as it gets- pretty much like me. This was inpired by my great niece, who after playing with her grampa ( you know the game, push on the nose the tongue comes out, pull an ear and the tongue moves from side to side) she said, "He's like a game!" 

Any similarities to Alfred E. Newman are entirely unintentional.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

To and From

Thanks, everybody for your comments- Please stay tuned and come back soon-

So, everyday, I drive through the parking lot behind the Kroger store and strip center and admire the texture on the concrete retaining wall.
Last week I finally made myself stop the car and take some shots of the wall for my pattern archive, yes, the same one where my turtle shell resides- 
I loved the results and was so proud of myself for seizing the moment-

I'm working on one chapter in 
a book of six for a graphic novel- So, on my drive home I'm usually at least partially occupied with what's next in that project, or the remnants of my last file from work-

The reward came when I scanned in the latest splash page for the graphic novel, that was done in black and white. I wanted to add some texture and give it some more interest- AhHah- I wonder how that concrete texture will work with that?