Wednesday, July 1, 2009

To and From

Thanks, everybody for your comments- Please stay tuned and come back soon-

So, everyday, I drive through the parking lot behind the Kroger store and strip center and admire the texture on the concrete retaining wall.
Last week I finally made myself stop the car and take some shots of the wall for my pattern archive, yes, the same one where my turtle shell resides- 
I loved the results and was so proud of myself for seizing the moment-

I'm working on one chapter in 
a book of six for a graphic novel- So, on my drive home I'm usually at least partially occupied with what's next in that project, or the remnants of my last file from work-

The reward came when I scanned in the latest splash page for the graphic novel, that was done in black and white. I wanted to add some texture and give it some more interest- AhHah- I wonder how that concrete texture will work with that?

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  1. Hope that tree lives for a long time! It certainly has some interesting features.