Wednesday, February 3, 2010

after only thirty years...

Well, I may not have worked up the gumption to send the Circus presentation to Tom Waits (yet), but I persuaded my working home and family (Patterson Graham Design Group) to enter it in the ADDYs- It's fitting, it's been a family project.
So, we received word last week that it made it into the show.
Hurray for us-
Hurray for me too, after only about thirty years of entering-
I finally made it in.


  1. It has to win something. I still think about that monkey and how weird and sweet he is.

  2. I'll try and remember to bring him to visit at the craft B on Saturday-
    He's been asking about you, so chances are, he won't let me forget him- you know how monkeys are-

  3. Knew it. Now on to Nationals! But be sure to get them back before the show in the fall......

  4. You bet- actually I'm going to make a couple more, so I'll have in case i want to send them somewhere-
    You are an oracle and a great cheerleader!