Monday, April 26, 2010

Sowing seeds of content

A particular page in the graphic novel that I am working on, calls for a crow to help a woman plant her garden- He is described as flying over the garden (crop dusting style) with a sack of seed open to the wind.
Of course, I obsessed about the seeds- Now.... how to fit everything else in that is needed to advance the story... Maybe the seeds need skirts...


  1. seeds, feathers, eyes, oh my! skirts would add great whimsy! what are the seeds growing? could you add the end result of the plant growing within the womb of the seed?

  2. Oh, that is a great idea, the seeds are supposed to be for a vegetable garden- baby tomatoes, broccoli,corn, cabbage will have some unique allusions... Thanks- what fun!
    ...maybe skirts too.

  3. They look like they could be facinators to me. Hats, skirts, eyes, yes, oh my!