Thursday, July 8, 2010

If you put a dress on a sculpture, does that make it a doll?

After having spent ten days that I'm calling the "Doll Days of Summer"
I've finally made progress enough that I'm not completely freaking out at the notion of having the girls ready for the show in August.

My fireplace mantle is completely covered with little hands, little feet, little heads and the internal structures that they all hang on, respectively, in order to become the statement that finally defines them.

I think Paula and I are both almost tempted to show this one without her skin- but I can't wait to see what she looks like after I hand her off to Paula for the final futzing and assembly.


  1. The dolls are amazing. Where will they be shown in August? I know this info, but have been asleep since I heard it. Senior moment!
    I would definitely love to see your pond, just say when.

  2. Thanks- and thanks for the great card you sent- you rock!

    Paula and I will be part of a group show at Harrington Brown Gallery, it opens August 6- yikes!

    Let's plan on doing a pond day sometime in October, it will be cool enough to enjoy ourselves OR if you're immune to the heat, anytime after august 6 is game, just give me a shout-