Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Everybody wants a great body

Here are a couple of views of the next body, one of the first batch of magic that Paula quilted and designed. It is already as full of personality and attitude, as it is headless and limbless. All the wonderful little fussy details are perfect, so deciding who she will be is the easy part. Waiting to get my hands on her has been the tough part. I've had her for quite awhile, she's been sitting on my mantle amongest all the extra and unassembled body parts.
So, I've decided to break my own rules and jump ahead. I should be pushing on to finish: "One day there will be a port into our heads or navels so that we can download the latest update to sanity."

But I just need to start something new.
It's either that or buy another pair of cowboy boots.


  1. This is genius!!!!!!!! I have taken the liberty to include your blog in the MCA printmaking blog. I have been talking to my students about the importance of doodling.

  2. Conflict indeed- and just so you know the doll body won, i have a rough wooden support for her and hope to get to her head this weekend!

  3. Hey Maritza! glad you came and took a peek- I'm honored to be a doodle mentor-
    Stay tuned!