Monday, October 18, 2010


I couldn't have been less permeable, when I'd hear my mother say to my father...."Well, that's fine, but you GO to work..... I wake up and my work surrounds me..."
I get it now.

Mornings when I am still and quiet, my work surrounds me. It's partly by chance. My current work, in it's various stages, sits on the mantel directly in my line of vision. I put it there to keep it away from curious noses and paws, but the unintended prize is the realization that it's constant presence keeps the conversation alive, even when I am distracted.
It is always there.

"My arms are wrong."
"You didn't make me very interesting"
"This is what my head needs to look like"
"This is a great dress, but it doesn't fit."
"What was your intention, when you gave me two heads?"
"How come I only have one head?"
"You did a good job on these wire thingies"

"Fix me"
"Fix me"
"Fix me"


  1. I'm just glad you're not hearing God. At least with your dolls you can talk back.

  2. Well, if i had heard from God then I'd be running for office.

  3. It's those corner of the eye changes that make all the difference. Does the clock between them give you pause?

    demanding little urchins aren't they?

  4. The clock always gives me pause.