Friday, June 3, 2011

Showing off The Show

I finally recovered from the last giant push for the show sometime last week- but it has taken this long to gather up the wherewithal to say thank you to everyone who helped us, everyone who came and all of our trusted friends, family and cheerleaders.
Here's proof that it was well attended:


  1. Dang! It looks like I am about to slap that zen girl right off her pedestal (again) in that first photo. what is it with that piece that I have to exert passionate movements around it?
    You know it's a good thing I left for a week. It makes the effort of this show seem so far away, and I am left with this surreal memory of the space and crowd and fistfuls of nuts. relief. pride. lessons learned. we grow forward with a feather in our caps.

  2. That is too funny- I think that is such a great picture but I totally missed that, it does look like you are about to swat her!