Monday, May 24, 2010

Feet of clay

What you've been seeing as support for this figure is the modeling stand that I use for all the figures. This particular one asked me for feet and in fulfilling her request I think that she may need to be suspended for presentation-

Now that she has feet, she's become part of the dance, which I am pretty sure was her intention all along.

I'm of two minds (unsurprisingly) on the position of her feet. I like seeing her heels pointed at each other, but once she is suspended, I'm thinking that it might be better for them to arc out behind her as if she were in flight, or caught just before leaping.


  1. The way she is standing right now reminds me of those little ballerina wind up thingies i used to have on top of my jewelry box. Did you have one of those?

    What if the name of it is:

    "I'm of two minds"

  2. I like the name- perfect-it's a keeper-

    and of course, I had a ballerina jewelry box- didn't everybody?

  3. I like an upright position, without a flying tilt. The heads seems to be looking up/forward and down/away. As I said in an earlier post, they seem to be emerging, plant-like. I vote upright.

    PS. I decided in June, I would be a commenter!

  4. Thanks Leigh Ann. I think you are absolutely right, it's great to get fresh eyes- it would not make sense to have her leaping with her attention elsewhere-

  5. The connection between the soft body and "hard" heads is a good one. The name is very evocative -- leaves lots of room for good interpretation of what she's / they're doing. Is she just lifting off or preparing to come down? Is she debating moral dilemmas? Is she hard headed or trying to be softer? Etc, etc, etc. Looks like a very exciting collaboration between you two. Can't wait to see more.