Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One more step in the journey

While Paula is busily configuring a body for the bonticool head, I am finishing the two minds figure (see its virgin appearance a couple of posts ago) I am chronicling its progress here. I've managed to tack on a collar around the neckline of the body and put a coat of primer on the body parts. My initial thought was to stain the primer and warm it up a bit, but I have to admit to being really seduced by the white velvety surface as it stands.

After getting the collar on and dry fitting the heads to the body, it needed some kind of interaction between body and heads. I love the thread trailers on the body, it speaks to both of our attractions to simple line and adds another dimension of scale without being fussy. So, I added some Paula magic (as supplied to me in a bag of stuff and bodies) and affixed some crazy curly wire- it helped but was still a little too unrelated-

I added the tiny green leaves this morning-
It's getting magical.

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