Friday, May 7, 2010

Stop and sniff the thistles

As some of my friends recently reminded me, the time to do things is now. I have been looking at these thistles on the side of road for a week and thinking that I really need to stop and photograph them. So, I did.
The light was not exactly right, the conditions were not optimum -but here it is and I'm celebrating.

Now, for the rest of that list...

I wish the impetus for this destruction of fear and procrastination was not so jarring or that it would not require such personal drastic rewiring on my part. From the outside it would not seem to be such a big deal to do what is in front of you, to exercise your passions or to say how you feel. But I am out of practice.

The biggest reason for this sudden attack of vulnerability and mortality was that one of those reminding friends recently suffered a stroke. So, I am feeling small in the face of that enormity and trying to deal with the fact that this personal rewiring job of mine, that I let overwhelm me most of the time, is so very, very minor.

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  1. Agreed. The time is now girl. I keep thinking that it was just yesterday that I was in college. But it was over 30 years ago. How long do you think we have? The time is now girl. Fearless, faithful to your art and fluttering with excitement.